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A Closer look at Blu Ray vs. HD DVD Part 4

Download this entire Blu Ray vs HD DVD Guide


Hardware Components of the HD-DVD Format In Depth

 With its price set at $800.00, the Toshiba HD-XAI is the first HD-DVD player that will be available to consumers. Another related version of this DVD player, the Toshiba HD-A1, is available at a relatively economical price of $500.00. It is also looks almost identical to the Toshiba HD-XAI model. Another company, RCA/Thompson, is expected to come out with a player identically priced, which will add some zing to the competition.

Toshiba HD-A1

Experts have already stated that HD-DVD movies will be available in single layer, dual layer, and single sided hybrid discs with a 4.7 GB layer and 15GB HD layer. Discs with the 4.7GB layer can play on any DVD player. HD-DVD movies can also be enjoyed on twin-format discs that carry a standard dual layer 8.5 GB DVD on one side with a 30 GB dual-layer on the other. It cannot be denied that hybrid and dual format discs are expensive but they also offer backward compatibility. The consumer gains the privilege of watching a high-def movie on the HD-DVD player.

The gaming card: Xbox 360

Xbox 360 has a high–def output that is equivalent to 720p and approximately 1080i. The capacity of the internal drive can create a limitation on downloading clips. The Xbox 360, which is not currently capable of playing HD-DVD’s, will be able to soon because Microsoft has plans of releasing an HD-DVD add-on drive that will enable HD-DVD movie playback. However, games available in DVD-ROM format will have no compatibility problems.

Positives and Negatives related to Xbox 360

On the positive side, the players and movies will be available in advance in comparison to Blu-ray. Xbox 360 units are less expensive than Blu-ray players. A substantial number of movies are planned to be released over the year that are to include DVD versions on the same disc.

The compatible HD-DVD add-on drive hasn’t been released yet which means that HD-DVD discs cannot yet be played. The much hyped managed copy could cost more and the studios still prefer to put movies on the older format DVDs.

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