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A Closer look at Blu Ray vs. HD DVD Part 5

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The hardware technology of Blu-ray in depth  

Blu-ray will be introduced soon after the HD-DVD players hit the market. Samsung and Sony are ready with their respective models (BD-P1000 and Sony BDSP1) due to be released soon thereafter. It is expected that the Blu-ray players will have a capacity of giving a 1080p video output which is something that is missing in HD-DVD players. Big movie names are lined up to be released in the Blu-ray technology format to the advantage of the viewers.

Sony BDSP1Catalog titles or movies that are already available in the regular DVD format are supposed to be $17.95. The new titles will be approximately $23.45 per title. The retail cost will definitely be higher since the retailers need to add their share of the profit.

The gaming card: Sony’s PlayStation 3  

Sony declared the launch of Playstation 3 at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The users will have the additional privilege of watching HD movies while continuing to play their games. Industry watchers believe that buying a Sony Play Station can save a person about $500 when compared to a Blu-ray player. Since Sony set to make this particular player available by November, a substantial number of buyers are expected to postpone their purchases until then.

Positive and Negative Aspects  

Besides Universal, all existing Hollywood studios have agreed to release movies on Blu-ray format. The output of a Blu-ray player is nearly 1080p. Blu-ray format has the capacity of holding more data and video in comparison to other HD-DVD formats. The negative aspect is that Blu-ray is likely to cost more than its rival counterpart. Playstation 3 will be available 3-4 months down the line, not immediately. Industry watchers believe that both formats can be tried and tested in the market and the one that offers more should be chosen.

DVDs are the best standard formats available at present for the purpose of data storage. The inevitable format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD will be won by the one with superior technology. Blu-ray disc has an optical disc format meant for viewing high-definition video with equally high-density date storage capabilities.

Sony is the main supporter of this technology that was initially developed by the Blu-ray disc association. An equally well-known giant corporation, Toshiba, backs up the competitor of Blu-ray discs proposing HD-DVD as the best-suited technology for the new age. According to the officials of Toshiba, HD-DVD is a lot better than Blu-ray.

It also needs to be noted that at present, HD-DVD format is considered as the next generation technology as declared by the DVD forum. 230 different companies who have a track record of making it big in the computer market, music and movie industries set up the DVD forum. The Toshiba group maintains this forum, but many of the members have also been reported as backing the equally good Blu-ray technology. The final verdict is still not clear and only time will tell who wins over the consumer, who is the final judge in any clash of the corporate titans.

There have been several rounds of discussion between the owners of both Blu-ray and HD-DVD technologies to work out a middle ground. People are eager to know the winner in this clash of titans. But the recent talks do not suggest that there would be any possibility of a compromise.

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