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A Closer look at Blu Ray vs. HD DVD Part 6

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Market Launch of Blu Ray & HD DVD Formats

Consumers are eager to know when the new formats will hit the market. It has been stated by the officials that HD-DVD format will be available very soon but Blu-ray will take some more time. Both are backward compatible making it easier for the consumers to make a choice. It all depends on how much you are ready to spend. If you can afford to spend, then go for Blu-ray, otherwise there is always the option of the advanced HD-DVD discs. The reason why HD-DVD is out sooner in the market is that it can be manufactured with the existing equipment that is used to make current DVDs. Since the production can be continued in the same plants, it can be greatly altered.

The proposals of Blu-ray technologies state that within a short span of time the price difference between Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats will decrease to a large extent. They also state that a majority of people will prefer to have more disc space when they can afford it by spending a few more pennies.

The proposition of manufacturing a machine that would suit both the formats is ruled out for the time being since it would not be very affordable.

Both Giants have Ignored Customer Confusion  

The existence of different technologies has led to confused customers who have become apprehensive about their opted technology becoming obsolete. Each format is portraying itself to be superior to the other. This can be seen in the marketing strategy of HD-DVD, “you want it, and we are here now”. The same can also be depicted in Blu-ray advertising which states that, “we won’t be first but we’ll be better”.

It becomes a drop-dead deal when the Blu-ray technology is given to the gaming companies because for them, 20 gigabytes of storage capacity is the best thing that can happen. This can be a drawback for HD-DVD as the storage capacity is lesser in these discs. Some of the game manufacturing companies have even stated that the market would be happy if both the new formats are not launched to avoid any sort of price war and unwanted competition. It will add to the disappointment of the one whose format is not adopted in the market giving no return for all the hard work done.


However, it would be too early to state this as none of the gaming manufacturers have given their consent for any of the two formats. The proposal of HD-DVD states that it does not matter at all whether the consumers are getting 30 gigabytes or 50 gigabytes. What matters at the end of the day is, who is offering the latest technology at an affordable price.

They further claim that Blu-ray will definitely not be able to slash down the prices of their discs with the continuing production technology because the costs are too high for them. They will have to offer the disc at a much higher price to recover their production costs. So far so good, the best strategy will be to take a back seat, and wait and watch. The winner will come out sooner or later and you never know if both the technologies make an equally good impact in the market. The global market is after all, big enough to accommodate both of them.

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