How to Backup a Blu Ray Movie to Your Hard Drive

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May 6, 2012

Blu Ray Drive

Raymond J. submitted a question using our Ask the Burning Geek form. Below is her questions and our answer.

Question: What programs currently exist for taking my Blu Ray movies and burning them to my Hard Drive on my Windows 7 computer?


First let me explain a few reasons why someone would want to rip a Blu Ray movie to their hard drives and explain a few benefits for doing this very thing. Personally I do this for the simple fact that I can watch HD movies on my laptop when I am on the go. Today most video playback software will support Blu Ray discs, however if you don't want to lug around the physical discs the option would be to rip and convert them to a smaller format still containing the HD video.

A few benefits for Backing up BD to HD (Hard Drive)

  • Protect the initial Blu Ray movie. No need to worry about damaging the disc, scratching it, or kids using it as a frisbee. You know this happens today because what did we used to do to our parents record collection huh?
  • Ripping and converting it to a more portable format. By converting the video you are drastically reducing the size of the video. Normal BD movies are on average 20gb to 30gb in size. Why use up all that space for HD video when you can reduce it to only 1 video file about 5gb in size.
  • Convert it so you can put it on your portable gadgets like the iPad, Xoom, etc..

Software to use for Blu Ray to Hard Drive ripping

There are a few options currently available that do a good job at preserving the HD content while transferring to your hard disk. We recommend and use DVDFab Blu Ray Copy for all of our Blu Ray jobs. Not only does this software provide the best blu ray options on the market today, they also provide the best support for new blu ray titles as they come to release. Try them out for yourself and you will see why we like it so much.

Thanks to Raymond J.. for submitting this question. We hope it gave you a solid way to copy protected Blu Ray movies. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay up to date on all of the latest Blu Ray Copying methods.

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