How to Remove BD+ Copy Protection on Blu Ray Movies

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May 11, 2011

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Alex J.. submitted a question using our Ask the Burning Geek form. Below is his question and our answer.

Question: I discovered that in order to put a Blu Ray movie on my PC I first need to decrypt the BD+ copy protection on the disc. How can I do this?


BD+ copy protection is a new encryption code that was developed my Cyrptography Research to basically restrict the copying of BD discs and to prevent unauthorized playback devices from playing this content. This included Blu Ray playback software like PowerDVD or WinDVD+. Those types of software are constantly updated with new 'keys' to allow the playback.

Reasons to remove BD+ copy protection

  • First I must point out that BD+ was put on for a reason, and when something is added for a reason there is a meaning behind it. In this case it's to prevent unauthorized access which includes copying or ripping. Just be sure you have proper permission before decrypting BD+.
  • For many users they simply want to put the movie onto their hard drives so they can watch it later with either a HD monitor or you may want to bring it with you on your laptop so you don't need to carry around a bunch of discs.
  • Other uses may include converting the HD content into a more portable fomat so you can put them on your gadgets like tablet devices.

Software that will remove BD+ Copy Protection

We have done an extensive review of Blu Ray Copying Software on our review page and here is a link to another good site that has also done a good job at reviewing the best blu ray copy software currently available in 2011. But to point out a few leaders in this type of software we would have to give the nod to the following:

Blue Cloner 2

One of the best Blu-Ray software apps on the market, Blue Cloner can easily decrypt BD+ and any other form of copy protection on Blu Ray discs. This software has already won numerous awards for it's ability to rip and copy this type of movie content on Windows platforms. Selling for around $60 it's a must have for anyone that wants to preserve the original investment or make a duplicate for whatever reason. We recommend downloading Blue Cloner to see if it will remove the BD+ protection on your discs, which we know it will.

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Thanks to Alex J.. for submitting this question. We hope it gave you a good recommendation to removing BD+. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay up to date on all of the latest Blu Ray Copying methods.

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