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The Difference Between Mac DVD Copier Software and DVD Rippers

DVD Ripper for MacWhen entering the world of DVD copy software for Mac for the first time you might be confused by all the slang that gets thrown around. What’s the difference between burning a DVD and ripping one? Should you get a copier software program or a ripper program? When sorting through all the information available about making copies of your DVDs it’s helpful to understand the basics.

To rip a DVD means you are taking a digital copy of it to keep on a hard drive on your Mac. You are extracting the data from the DVD to transfer it to a backup drive or another medium. To burn a disc simply means to make a physical copy of it. You are taking the digital copy of your DVD and making a replica of it on another disc. Simple enough, right? So to determine the type of software program you need, all you need to know is what you want to do with your DVD copy.

What DVD Copy Software Does:

DVD copier software is the simplest and easiest tool to copy a DVD. With this software you can burn a compressed movie onto a single disc, burn an uncompressed movie onto several discs or create an ISO file of the movie on your computer. A good copier software program will rip and burn your movie all at the same time, if that is what you are aiming for. The ISO file helps to manage your DVD copy, while keeping it if you want to burn a copy onto disc at a later date. Most copier programs such as DVD Cloner for Mac will create a DVD media file, which allows you to watch your movie on your computer. So when your Mac opens the DVD file through its DVD player program, it will behave as if you inserted the actual DVD. You will then have all the normal activities and controls of watching a DVD on your Mac.

What a DVD Ripper Does:

A ripper software program takes the physical DVD and converts the data into a file that is kept on a hard drive. The files can then be transferred to other devices. Most commonly they are transferred to devices such as iPods, cell phones, and video game consoles. A ripper software program is somewhat more complicated than DVD copier software. It is similar to a copier program with the difference being that there is no option of making a physical copy. They usually will come with output format options that are already configured to the device you want to watch your movie on, whether it is your home computer or your cell phone.

DVD Copying on MacWhen deciding between the software programs, your biggest consideration should be how you would like to watch your DVD copy. A DVD copier will create a physical copy of your movie that is playable on your computer, or DVD player. It also will allow you to have a backup copy located on your hard drive that can create a physical copy at a later date. The ripper software program will allow you to create a digital copy of your movie that can be transferred to other devices ranging from a Wii or Xbox to a cell phone or iPod.

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