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Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Ripper
Rip Bllu-Ray and DVD to Other Formats

Aiseesoft Blu Ray Ripper

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Publisher: Aiseesoft Software
Date updated:
File size: 22.9MB
License: $39
Minimum requirements: Windows 7 - Vista - XP
Discount Code Available: N/A

BurnWorld's Review of Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Ripper:

Rob Boirun BurnWorld Reviewer

Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Ripper
My Rating:4 Star Rating: Recommended
Reviewed By:
Review Date: 2011-08-29

"Aiseesoft is a great import from oversees that allows you to take Blu-Ray movie content and rip it to your Hard Disk or convert in into portable HD video."

This Blu Ray ripper is for those that are looking to take the Blu-Ray or DVD movie discs that they own and convert that video into a format which will be supported by their portable gadgets or to rip onto a media server where you can create a video library of your movies on a central server that you can access from your home theatre system. But mainly you will want to rip Blu Ray content into HD video formats such as HD MP4, HD AVI and then transfer that video onto your iPad, Tablet, Netbook, or portable cell phone and take the movie with you on the go.

Below is a video review of this software on how it works and what options it will offer to you. A quick primer on this software is that it will convert Blu Ray disc content into a format supported by your portable devices.

How to Use Aiseesoft Blu Ray Ripper

If you watched the video above you will notice the sleek and clean layout of this software and how neatly all the settings are laid out for the average user. To get started all you need to do is to select the input device, which could be either a Blu Ray disc, a DVD disc, or an existing video file you have that you need converted into another format.

Next, you choose the output setting of the video. Aiseesoft has done a real nice job of listing many separate devices to ensure that output settings will be correct for your device. You can choose from iPod, iPad, Motorola devices, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, XBox 360, HD video, and standard video to name a few. If your device is not listed don't worry, for the most part you can simply choose any MP4 format and your device will be able to play this.

Processing Time

Ok now that the Input and Output settings are selected it's time to hit the Convert Button. The time it takes to process a 2 hour Blu Ray movie will depend on your system. Quad core systems with 8GB or memory using a solid state drive and with a CUDA enabled video card are able to convert this file type in under an hour. That's pretty fast for intense HD video converting. For a general rule of thumb, once you start the converting it's best to let it be until it's done because of the intense processing nature. So either convert video while retiring for the night or when you have time to walk away from the PC for a few hours.

If you would like to try Aiseesoft Blu Ray Ripper for yourself you can use the download link below.

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