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Top Blu-Ray Ripper
Rip BD and DVD to Portable Formats

Top Blu Ray Ripper Review

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Publisher: Top Software
Date updated:
File size: 6.9MB
License: $39.99
Minimum requirements: Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista
Discount Code Available: N/A

BurnWorld's Review of Top Blu-Ray Ripper:

Rob Boirun BurnWorld Reviewer

Top Blu-Ray Ripper
My Rating:4 Star Rating: Recommended
Reviewed By:
Review Date: 2011-08-17

"Top Software has made an easy to use BD ripper that can easily extract your content and convert it into a format you need for your portable gadgets."

Take a look at our video review of this software for a quick overview on how to use the software and what features it offers. A quick primer on this software is that it will convert Blu Ray disc content into a format supported by your portable devices.

How to Use Top Blu Ray Ripper

Using the software is simple, if you watch the video above you will see how to Add the disc you want to convert by choosing the ADD button and then selecting the drive that contains the Blu-Ray disc. After the drive scans the disc it will display a list of video clips which you can then choose to convert. By default the main movie is selected. You can tell the main movie from the other video segments by looking at the running time of the video. The main movie is always has the longest running time naturally. If you feel like converting the other video segments you can choose each seperately and by using the built in preview window you can view each one to be sure you actually want to convert it.

Conversion Settings

Now that you have your movie segments selected it's time to determine what video format you would like to convert it into. You can choose from the most popular video file formats currently available. MP4, AVI, DivX, H264, Flash, iPod video with different resolutions, PSP, cell phones, Apple TV, and even quality HD video resolutions.

Time To Convert

Now that you have choosed the video clips and what format you want to change it to you can simple click on the Start button which will do the conversion process in the background. If you are using a dual or quad core hardware processor the software will utilize this by taking advantage of the additional processor power and convert up to 5x faster than using a traditional processor.

After Conversion

Now onto the fun part, when the converting is done you will now have your output file available for you to do whatever you want to with it. If you converted into an iPod or iPhone format, you can then simply add that video file into iTunes and then transfer it over to your device. The same is true for other gadgets that you may have. Or you can just watch the converted file directly on your PC or put it on a notebook or netbook and have movies on the go without having to use a disc which is clumsy and takes up battery power.

If you would like to try Top Blu Ray Ripper for youself you can use the download link below.

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