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CNET Downloads: 473,496
Publisher: Vso
Date updated Oct 5, 2010
File size: 9MB
License: Shareware; $29.99
Minimum requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Uninstaller included?: Yes
Limitations: 30 day demo

Review of PhotoDVD 2.0:

Rob Boirun BurnWorld ReviewerBy
Lead Reviewer for BurnWorld
August 2, 2011

VSO Software has just come out with Version 2.0 of PhotoDVD and has graciously given us access to  a copy (actually, anyone can have a copy simply go to their website and download a free trial version of anyone of their products).  Here is our review.   

About PhotoDVD: 

VSO PhotoDVD takes your digital pictures and animates them to create a compatible DVD movie.  You can add multiple soundtracks and comments as DVD Subtitles to accompany your pictures.  This software is one of the simplest of its kind on the market with all the animation factors taken care of for you.  The engine responsible for this analyzes the picture’s size and orientation to automatically create a movie with cool fade, zoom, and pan effects. 

Key features found in VSO PhotoDVD:

Ø       Digital pictures in JPG / GIF / BMP / ANI / PCX / EMF / WMF formats and more

Ø       Smart auto animation engine - adapts to the characteristics of the pictures ( landscape or portrait ) and Ken Burn effects ( animated pan and zoom)

Ø       Focal points for each picture (highlighted by zoom techniques)

Ø       Basic picture edition (rotation, Black and White, etc.)       

Ø       Multiple tracks available for subtitles (multiple languages compliant ) e.g : to create a fun and a normal comment track

Ø       Multiple tracks also available for audio soundtracks to accompany slideshow

Ø       Full Screen (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9) support

Ø       Option for both PAL/NTSC formats

Ø       DVD output on DVD+/-(R)W media and double layer

Ø       Universal DVD writing engine incorporated into software

Ø       Fast and quality MPEG2 encoder

Ø       Available in 15 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese etc…)

PhotoDVD is compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/.NET and also compatible with all DVD Writers and players.   

PhotoDVD can be purchased online for €19.99 (approx $24.99 USD).

 Obtaining and installing PhotoDVD 

To obtain a version of this software either after purchasing or for a trial period.  Find PhotoDVD and click on “download now”. 

 The steps to install the software are quite simple: first select the language of installation then click “Next” following each choice made, then select file for installation (if you do not want to use the one already proposed), decide whether you want the installation process to set up desktop icons, and then click install.


After this process of a couple of seconds, click the button “Finish” on this screen completes the installation process.   

If you have bought the software online, a license key will have been sent to your email address.  This key can be manually copied into the program by clicking on “Register Software” (an option that will pop up when opening software among the other choices of “Buy Software” and “Use Trail Version”).  These steps are impressively fast and easy to do. 

You can download it here


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