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Roxio Easy Media Creator 10

Easy CD & DVD Creator, PhotoSuite, VideoWave, and Napster brands

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ATOM Award!

Publisher: Sonic Solutions
Date updated: Feb 1 , 2008
File size: 98MB
License: ($79.00 after rebate) BurnWorld visitors save an additional $15 with coupon code SAVE15C10
Minimum requirements: Windows Vista & XP
Uninstaller included?: Yes
BurnWorld Ratings:
Overall: (5 of 5)
Features: (5 of 5)
Ease of Use: (5 of 5)
Value for Money: (5 of 5)

Review of Easy Media Creator 10:

If your looking for a software application that has to do anything with Audio, Video, Data, or Backup then you can't go wrong with Easy Media Creator 10 Deluxe Suite. These guys really have put together a great package that takes care of all of these needs. Not only have they included apps for any type of project you want to create, they have put it together so that anybody can install it and start using it immeditely. Meaning it's easy to understand, no more sitting behind your desk and saying "Ok what do I do now?"

The features are too many to list here so I'll just do a quick overview:


  • Burn Any type of audio, video, data to CD/DVD
  • CD/DVD Diagnostic Tools
  • Backup Original CD's and DVD's
  • Secure Data with 128 bit encryption and Passwords
  • Span Audio to multiple CD's
  • Extract Audio from Live Concert DVD's
  • Convert your old LP's to MP3
  • Create and Import HD Video
  • Create DivX HD
  • Access Media Files across all PC in your Network easily.
  • Advance Support for H.264 and AAC codecs
  • Produce professional quality DVD's
  • Take Camcorder Video direct to DVD
  • Capture Video from Analog Camcorders or VCR
  • Make Personalized Labels for CD's or DVD's

Again this is only a portion of the features. To many of you this may seem very overwhelming. It could be because there is so much. But keep in mind, the software is very well organized inside and you will have no trouble at all navigating and performing what you want to accomplish. You'll just be glad you have a package this detailed that includes everything you could possible need. I don't want to take up to much more time on this, so I urge you to check out Easy Media Creator 10 Deluxe if you are at all interested in a Total Burning Suite for your CD's and DVD's.

Our Top 5 list of things you can do with Easy Media Creator 10:

  • Music - Enjoy up to 50 hours of music on a DVD with onscreen menus for navigation to your favorite artist, album and genre with Dolby® Digital sound.
  • Photo - Create elegant and high quality multi-image photo slideshows in HD or on DVD.
  • Video - Create 16:9 DVD video productions and photo slideshows for playback on your widescreen TV.
  • Backup/Copy - Copy DVD movies to DivX or WMV files and compress to CD or memory card size for mobile device playback.
  • Burning - Creator Classic now supports burning a disc and creating a disc image file at the same time.

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From Roxio:

Making Entertainment Mobile

To keep pace with consumers' growing interest in mobile entertainment, Creator 10 provides extensive support for portable devices including a wide assortment of video players such as the iPod®, PSPT, as well as Windows-based media players such as Samsung's Yepp, audio players, and mobile phones. Within Creator 10's Media Manager, the application used for quickly organizing and accessing photos, music, video files, and multi-media projects, users can now upload selected content to their multimedia mobile phones through a USB or Bluetooth® connection. Users can send photos and video clips to a phone to create a mobile digital album or even upload music segments as personalized ringtones. In addition to sending personal content to phones, consumers can also send the impromptu moments they capture using their built-in phone camera back to the PC for storing or sharing. Consumers can also transfer their favorite entertainment such as DivX® content or recorded programming from a TiVo® system or set-top DVD recorder. Consumers can use predefined settings to auto-format files for sending to an iPod, PSP or select from a comprehensive list of supported file formats that can be customized to suit any device.

Securing Memories

Creator 10 confirms its leadership in optical disc recording with the inclusion of Blu-ray Disc support. Creator 10 allows consumers to record to both single and dual-layer BD discs and archive as much as 50 GB of personal data - or 12,500 music tracks, 50,000 photos or four hours of raw high-definition video. Creator 10 also enables users to span large projects across multiple BD discs and secure content through disc encryption. In addition, Creator 10's Drag-to-Disc® packet writing software offers consumers the convenience and efficiency of dragging and dropping files to a Blu-ray Disc in the same way they would place files on a hard disk or flash drive.

Rediscovering Music

Creator 10's already impressive music capabilities are enhanced with new applications including the Audio Capture Widget, which is a desktop application that lets users easily record any audio playing on their computer such as Internet radio programming. The Capture Widget includes a unique Pre-Roll feature that can automatically record and store audio even before the record button is selected. Acting like a Personal Video Recorder for audio entertainment, the Pre-Roll feature ensures users never miss a moment. Another innovative feature of the Audio Capture Widget is the Mute System Sounds feature that lets consumers hear system alerts, while suppressing them from the resulting recording. All programming recorded through the Capture Widget can be modified in Creator 10's Sound Editor and easily converted for output to a portable audio player or disc.

Also new to the audio capabilities in Creator 10 is AutoMix, a feature that automatically generates perfect playlists. Using sophisticated algorithms to analyze and fingerprint each song in a consumer's library, the AutoMix feature defines a complementary mix of music based on a 'seed' track chosen by the user. Consumers can use AutoMix to quickly generate an upbeat selection of songs to motivate them at the gym or a relaxing set to use as background during their next dinner party. Resulting playlists can be defined to fit the size limitations of a portable player, recorded to CD, uploaded to a mobile phone, or used as the basis for creating a DVD Music Disc. A unique feature found only in Creator, DVD Music Disc turns any standard DVD player into a virtual music jukebox with up to 50 hours of Dolby® Digital quality music. DVD Music Disc now offers attractive new customizable menu styles and an option for shuffle play.

Hollywood Capabilities for the Home

Easy Media Creator 10 includes a rich selection of authoring and video editing tools that offer consumers the perfect blend of automation and hands-on control. For creating professional-quality videos, consumers can use the high-definition enabled, 32-track timeline editor with advanced video overlay tools and fine-tune editing controls. Easy Media Creator 10 also delivers a host of automated features that enable consumers to achieve stunning results with minimal effort including a one-click color correction tool, automatic background noise removal feature, a fit-to-disc encoding option, and an automated scene editor that allows consumers to easily omit unwanted content from their video programming. The enhanced CineMagic® 2 takes consumers' raw video footage and favorite song and automatically generates a polished production complete with professionally-stylized video introductions, special effects, and appropriate transitions that are all synchronized to the tempo of the selected music.

Creator 10 also includes an enhanced version of MyDVD®, which allows users to generate blockbuster-style DVDs with new professionally-designed menu styles that include matching scene menus - coordinated with the CineMagic styles. Consumers can choose to enter the MyDVD Assistant, which will guide them quickly through the production of a personalized DVD or enter the advanced editor and take complete creative control. Advanced features include motion menus, menu-to-menu transitions, and animated buttons.

Additional capabilities typically found only in higher-end DVD authoring applications include advanced support for object and sub-menu linking and comprehensive end action controls, which allow users to precisely dictate the sequence of events following a DVD navigation selection such as playing a title or returning to a menu.

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