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123 Copy DVD 2012 Review

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Copy Your DVD's Now ($24.99)
$5 off - (30 Day Guarantee)


  • Duplicate DVD's with 1 click- simple one click video downloading


  • No Blu-Ray Support.

Who Should Use This:

123 Copy DVD is perfect for those that are looking for a quick way to copy and duplicate DVD's without too much user intervention. If you want Blu-Ray support and video converting options take a look at their Platinum Edition.

Rob Boirun BurnWorld Reviewer

123 Copy DVD 2012
My Rating:4 Star Rating: Recommended
Reviewed By: Rob Boirun for Burnworld
Review Date: 2011-12-8

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"123 Copy DVD is one of the original DVD backup software apps and it is still going strong. Now with new technology to make DVD duplicating more reliable.."

123 Copy DVD was designed for those that don't want a hassle with backing up DVD's. This is evident in the simple interface it provides. There are not a lot of options to choose from since all of the basic backing up functions are built in as defaults. It's basically a 1-2-3 click process.


The $30 version of 123 Copy DVD will do exactly as it claims. It will copy a DVD disc to a blank DVD disc, whether it a DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, just use your favorite format (as long as your burner supports it). They also have a $50 version which give you more options and features, such as the ability to control what part of the DVD you want to backup. For example you don't want to backup the intros or extras on the disc, with this version you can eliminate that part from being copied.

With 123 Copy DVD's simple to use 3 click interface no prior knowledge or skill is required! You'll be backing up your personal collection of DVD's in no time.

  • Back up your entire DVD collection
  • Copy entire DVD or only features you want to one blank DVD
  • Burn DVD movies to both -R and +R formats
  • Copy full multi-channel audio
  • Specify which special features you wish to keep or remove
  • Copy episodic movies such as The Sopranos or Sex in the City
  • FREE online updates and patches
  • FREE 24-hour technical support
    System Requirements
    Windows 7/VISTA/XP, 1.1GHZ or faster CPU, 1GB RAM, up to 10 GB temporary disk space and DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW burner.

Software Reliability:

I used this software over a period of 3 days and backed up around 10 DVD movies. Overall it was stable and reliable with a 90% success rate. The only time the software failed to backup a movie was when I tried to copy a newer title that was just released. (I won't say what it was due to licensing). But this was mainly due to the free 3rd party decrypter plugin that I was using. A more reliable DVD decrypter to use is AnyDVD which is constantly being updated. But for the most part a free decrypter will be able to handle most DVD's.

Video/Audio Quality:

123 Copy DVD has a built in Autofit technology that automatically adjusts the video and audio quality for dual layer DVD movies that are being shrink to fit on a single layer DVD. Because of this some video degrating is expected but this technology ensures that the best video resolution possible is being burned to the new disc. For most the video quality is near perfect and hardly noticeable. In respect to the video converter in this software I had good results while converting to and from MPG, DivX, AVI, MOV, FLB and WMV. I won't say that I was over impressed but it did the job.

Ease of Setup:

Setup of this software is as easy as any other Windows application. You either install it from a DVD (if you purchased a boxed version) or the download file. Once installed you can run the software without registering for 7 days. At that point you will either need to purchase the full version (if you were using a demo) or enter the license code you received while purchasing. From there you are free to use the software.

The software interface is neatly laid out with all of the common tasks presented in a row of icons that clearly explain what each task does. So if you want to copy a DVD disc, then choose that option and you are on your way to making a backup. Or choose to download an internet video from YouTube or other video sharing sites. Whatever you want to do it's only a click away.

Product Support:

If you ever need support for 123 Copy DVD there are various ways to get support for the software. First there are online tutorials and FAQ's from the vendors support page. In addition to this you can also contact their help desk via e-mail. However when we contacted them with a generic question to test their response time, we received our response in around 10 hours (the next day). But the support person did answer our question knowledgeably. The most common issues with 123 Copy DVD is when it comes to copying copy protected DVD movies. By default the company can not provide a circumventing function directly in the software. You can only do this with a 3rd party decrypter which the software kindly redirects you towards if it happens to encounter a copy protected DVD movie.

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Features of 123 Copy DVD 2012

  • Rip ANY DVD movie to DVD (single or dual layer) or to your PC
  • Burn videos downloaded from the internet to DVD
  • Blu-ray Upgradable (Copy Blu-ray Movies)*
  • Burn YouTube videos to DVD
  • Copy the movie, or only the features you want from ANY DVD
  • Autofit technology gives you the best possible quality
  • Back-up all your important data to CDs or DVD
  • Copying your DVDs with top quality
  • Convert your DVDs to all the most popular formats. Letting you take them with you wherever you go on all your mobile devices
  • Remove audio, subtitles, and scenes from your DVD's. Make them how you'd like them.



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