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Mar 17, 2011

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Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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CD/DVD Diagnostic - CD Data Recovery Software is a powerful, easy to use CD file recovery tool which provides data recovery from damaged or defective CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD. Provides recovery of data and files, lost due to unreadable, scratched, corrupt or defective CD media. The #1 CD-Rom data recovery software! Recovers lost data, photos, files, music, and much more from CDs and DVDs. Now supports DVD recorder disks! More tools, more features and more capabilities than the competition.

Key Features:

  • File recovery from damaged CDROM, CD-R and CD-RW & DVD.
  • Finds the files, bypasses problems, gets your data back.
  • Unlike other products that search for pictures, CD/DVD Diagnostic understands how the disc was written and bypasses the problems, recovering ALL your files NO MATTER WHAT they are.
  • Supports discs written by:
    • Roxio Easy CD Creator
    • Ahead Nero
    • DirectCD
    • InCD
    • DLA
    • RecordNow
    • DiscMaker
    • Sony Mavica Cameras.
  • Supports all PC and Macintosh CD and DVD discs.
  • Recovers Video from DVD Video Recorder Discs- If you have a disc recorded on a standalone DVD Video recorder that was not finalized properly, the video is still there and playable. CD/DVD Diagnostic can recover this and turn it into a file which can be saved. The files recovered by CD/DVD Diagnostic are 100% playable on any computer. Contact us for more information about putting this back on a DVD to play on a DVD player.
  • Sector examination at a low level. Displays sectors in hexadecimal and character. This is similar to Norton Disk Doctor, providing the same capabilities for CD and DVD media.
    Disc Memory and Checkpoint. This feature eliminates lengthy re-discovery of the disc’s contents. Allows for interruption of a disc examination and then resumption at a later time. This is useful as some disc examinations can be lengthy, often taking more than 12 hours.
  • Intensive UDF File Examination. Locates files that have been dropped from the directory structure. This is a common occurrence for UDF format discs using current writing software. Examination is done automatically when errors are detected in the directory structure that may have caused files to be lost. Examination can also be manually requested when needed to recover files that have been deleted.
  • Expanded Retry Capabilities. Allows the user to balance examination speed with thoroughness and permits users to select the level of automatic retries performed whenever a data error is encountered. This can make otherwise unreadable data sectors readable again.
  • Readability test. Unique analysis capabilities allows the “readability” of a disc to be measured and allows decisions to be made about the disc quality without the expense of a standalone disc-test system.
  • CD Text, ISRC and RID Audio Disc Display. Displays this information when it is present on a disc including:
    • CD Text: Contains album, track and artist names on Sony and home-produced music CDs.
    • ISRC: The acronym for International Standard Recording Code. It is a code used to identify the recording studio and publisher of a music track.
    • RID: The acronym for Recorder Identification. It is written to music CDs recorded on standalone CD recorders used with audio systems.
  • Professionals seeking more forensic capabilities; please review our Forensic Software Page.

Files Systems supported:

Supports all PC and Macintosh CD and DVD discs. ISO-9660, Joliet PC discs, Rock Ridge for Linux and other Unix systems, UDF 1.01, UDF 1.5, UDF 2.0 and UDF 2.01, HFS and HFS+ for Macintosh, CD Audio discs (Red book), Enhanced CD discs (CD Extra), DVD-Video, DVD-ROM.

Supports DVD media recovery. Support all forms of DVD media. In order to read DVD+R and DVD+RW discs, a DVD device that supports this media format is necessary.

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