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Publisher: DVD Cloner IX
Date Updated: May 2, 2012
File size: 5.9MB
License: $59.99 (30 day $ back guarantee)
Minimum requirements: Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista
Uninstaller included?: Yes

Upgrade to: DVD Cloner 9 Platinum

- Same great features as original DVD Cloner 8 plus........
- Copy HD/DVD and Blu Ray Movies
- Copy DVD movies to iPod and other portable video players

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Review of DVD Cloner 9:

DVD-Cloner is one of the original DVD Cloning apps to hit the market in 2002. Since then they have been the overal leader in the DVD backup category. Mainly due to their constant updates and staying ahead of new copy protections that are constantly being added to newer DVD movies. The overall idea of the software is simply to make a copy of a movie you want to protect from damage due to kids playing with them, from scratches, to leaving them on a table and it getting used as a coaster.

To use the software all you need to do is input the DVD you want to copy and hit the big read button once it is activated and off you go. The software will do the rest. The entire process usually takes around 30 minutes on today's newer computers.

Note: There is a version for Mac users called DVD Cloner for Mac, so head to that page if your on OSX.

DVD Cloner 8

What you can expect to find in DVD-Cloner IX?

DVD Cloner 9 is true DVD copy software and a winner of many awards since the initial release in 2002. The application is a master in DVD copying. It works very efficient, fast and easy on any decent system configuration.

DVD Cloner 9 offers impressive features including:

  • compress a DVD-9 to a DVD-5
  • clone a DVD with a flawless 1:1 quality
  • it fits two movies on one DVD
  • it can rip a movie to your HDD

There is not too much this application can’t handle. Moreover, the program works very fast and doing the job won’t take the whole day, roughly 20- 30 minutes for a full copy, depending on the running time of the original movie.

I was going to do a video review of DVD Cloner 9 but I found this one already and says basically what I was going to so enjoy this version:

The unique interface and the great and user-friend aesthetics add to the functionalities of DVD Cloner 8. The software can run in expert mode too, providing you have deeper IT knowledge. However, the difference between the default standard mode and the expert mode is not big at all, and if you have been using a computer for few years you should be able to run this application in its expert mode configuration.

DVD Cloner 9 is only an improvement to the previous versions of the software, but the showcase of features is now more impressive thanks to the improved working speed. For example, the program can now copy a whole DVD movie in about half an hour.

The program gives impressing results when having to deal with copyrighted products. The copyrighted DVD discs can be easily decrypted with this software. Even Sony and Disney movies are an easy task for DVD Cloner 8. Though these actions seem illegal, they are not. According to the laws, users can make copies of a copyrighted DVD if they only store it for home purposes. The customers can also burn DVDs of personal performances for gifts, promos or auditions and create backup copies of DVDs or Blu-Rays on their hard drive. DVD Cloner 8 can do all of those legally permitted actions.

DVD Cloner works with many media types. It can handle DVD-9 (dual layer), DVD-5, Blu-Ray and DVDs in High Definition. The program can burn copies of the previous mentioned media on DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW, but as you probably know, this also depends on your optical disc drive. If your computer is powerful enough, you can even rip dual-layer DVD-9 for perfect 1:1 copies. DVD movies can be saved on your computer for backup thanks to this application and you can even sync the DVD movies for your iPod or iPhone if you upgrade to DVD Cloner Platinum.

The quality of this DVD copy software is impressive, though it also works quickly. Sure, the ripping and burning time will depend on your computer performance, but DVD Cloner 8 runs way faster than other applications of its kind. There is also an estimated time bar to help you get the idea of how long you will have to wait until the process will be finished.

Most of the processes of this software piece are done step by step, so regardless of your experience with computers, you will be able to handle any kind of task. The settings are easy to adjust, but you may let the software do everything by default if you are uncomfortable with calibrating the program yourself.
DVD Cloner 9 creates temporary files so you will be able to burn multiple copies of each disc without having to rip the content of the CD/DVD each time.

The program is also very easy to install. It is compatible with other software and with most of the disc types and the results provided by this application can run on any standard DVD player, but also on popular gaming systems. DVD Cloner 8 is mainly designed for Windows, but there is also a DVD Cloner for MAC users, which can be found on the official webpage.

DVD Cloner 9 is one of the best DVD copy software on the planet. The program combines lots of exciting features in a sleek and user friendly interface. The application works fast, is compatible with most of the media types and can be used by both beginners or advanced users.


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