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DVD Creation years ago was something only done by experts at a high cost. Today, anyone using the right software can be an expert DVD Creator by making professional looking DVD's with menus, chapters,etc... Since there are so many software titles currently available, we weeded them out and listed the best DVD Creator Software titles we have found so far.

Burning Bits (FAQ's)

DVD Creation Software: Allows you to create presentations that can be recorded on DVD's for viewing on a regular home DVD-player. Allows you to publish home movies into DVD format with cool looking menus and effects. Allows you to convert any video you may have and turns it into a professional looking DVD movie.

BurnWorld's choice:
ConvertXToDVD - convert your internet movie files to a compatible DVD.

ConvertXToDVD is a 1 click solution to convert your movie files to a compatible DVD playable on your home DVD player. DivxToDVD supports most popular format such DivX, Xvid, MOV, VOB, Mpeg, Mpeg4, AVI, WMV, DV and stream formats. It converts your single files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD blank media DVD+-R(W). The aspect ratio can be automatically selected or forced to a specific format. The program works for NTSC and PAL video format and create automatically chapters. Multiple audio tracks are supported. The future version will create automatically DVD menu and Subtitles.

OS: Win Vista/XP/2k
File Size: 8.6MB
License: $49.99

Roxio Creator 2012 - offers the most features in addition to DVD Creation

Creator 2011 offers the most comprehensive and well-integrated suite of DVD, Blu-Ray, Video, Photo, Audio burning tools on the market. More integrated digital media components than any other suite; interface intuitive enough for beginners, rich enough for more advanced users.

OS: Windows XP/Vista

License: $79.99 after rebate


Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Ultra - Blu Ray /DVD Burning & Playback
CyberLink BD Solution and CyberLink HD Solution let users do everything they want with video and discs: authoring and burning, data archiving, disc playback, slideshow creation, video editing, photo retouching, music ripping, label printing, and data burning. As a complete suite of CyberLink's most comprehensive range of software, CyberLink BD/HD Solution features advanced technologies for enjoying and creating the latest audio and video disc formats. The PowerStarter interface supports task-based operation of burning and creativity features, and provides an easy means to update and enhance products online. OS: Windows /2000/XP/Vista

License: $129.99 Ultra or
$79.99 Centra


How to Create a DVD

f you want to do this task, but you don't know where to start, don't fret. Creating a DVD is easy and fast, as long as you know the right way to do it. Here's how to create a DVD. What You'll Need

* Blank DVD
* Computer with DVD burner

1. Check if your computer has a DVD-creation software. If it doesn't, find one on the Internet. There are several kinds of software options you can try to create a DVD. Find one that's compatible with your system, then download it.
2. Pick out a background for your DVD's display. This is what you see when you open the main page of the DVD. Usually, DVD softwares have default options for backgrounds, and you can easily pick one out. If you want, you can also use your own image. Browse your computer for the image you have in mind and open it.
3. Create the DVD menu. You can also put chapters in it. Just click on the "Other Options" tab of your software's burn menu, and select "Add new Chapter". The different chapters for your DVD depends on the pictures and videos you put in the DVD. You can use it if you want to separate different parts of a big project. For example, one chapter can be just for home photos, while another is for corporate shots. You can have a chapter for miscellaneous files, too. If you're cutting a movie into chapters, separate them into every eight to ten minutes.
4. Many people put videos into their DVD. If you have Windows Media Player, open the DVD software, then open another window for the videos you want to load. The videos must be found on your PC. See if the first piece of video is the one you want to add to your DVD, then drag it onto the Media Player. Keep doing this, until all the video files are on the software.
5. Simply drag and drop the videos for your DVD, ordering them on how you want them to be seen on DVD. Click "Burn" and choose "Burn DVD". At the right side of the software, a new window will open. Drag the videos from the left to the right side, depending on how they'll appear.
6. Put a blank DVD in your DVD burner drive, then click "Start Burn", found at the bottom-right portion. The process takes at least ten minutes, sometimes more, depending on how fast your burner is, how many videos or files you're burning and how much RAM your PC has. When the burn process is finished, the computer will eject the DVD.

A Few Tips
* Make sure the blank media (DVD) you use is reliable. The quality of your DVD burn depends on this important factor. Find a reasonably-priced DVD, and inspect the recordable side for scratches, cracks, blotches and spots. Physical defects can cause recording flaws.
* Make sure the DVD burner is clean all the time, and that no contaminant reaches its laser eye.
* Avoid multi-tasking. Turn off games, screensavers, anti-virus software and other programs and applications. These can slow down the burning process or cause burning errors.
* Don't rush. If you have time, burn at a slower speed.
* Update your DVD burning software as often as possible.
* Label your DVD properly. Donut-style adhesive labels are appropriate, if you don't have a hardware that prints directly on CDs. Labeling with a felt-tipped pen is also okay.

A good movie or good file storage starts with a DVD that's properly created. Remember these basic steps and tips when creating your own DVD, and you'll surely be pleased with the results.

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