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DVDFab DVD Copy Box

Publisher: FengTao Software
Date updated:
File size: 8.5MB
License: From $50.00 US
Minimum requirements: Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista
Uninstaller included?: Yes

Other Versions:
DVDFab Blu-Ray to Blu-Ray

Review of DVDFab DVD Copy:


Product: DVDFab
My Rating:4 Star Rating: Recommended
Reviewed By: Rob Boirun "Simple, easy to understand and nice features!"
Review Date: 2011-8-06

Hardware used: Plextor PX-810UF | LaCie D2 Blu Ray

Video on How to Use DVDFab and it's Features.

One of the Best:
When DVD X Copy hit the scene in 2003 it revolutionized the way we protect our disc investments. Soon after a wave of competitors starting cropping up. After the dust settled there were only a handful of DVD Backup apps that actually worked and were consistantly updated, which is what makes a DVD Copy software elite. DVDFab is one of these titles that stood the test of time and they haven't gone anywhere. I would say that are in my top 3 choices overall for DVD Copy. Mainly because of the reliabilty I have come to expect.

Why we like DVDFab:
Well, DVDFab has all of the setting you would expect with a DVD Copy app. Backup entire DVD, Backup Only the Movie, Change video quality settings, Convert to Mobile formats such as for a iPod copy. Other than that what I really like to see is that is it always being updated to counteract the new copy protections showing up on newer DVD movies.

Tons of Features:

  • DVD to DVD
    1. 8 DVD to DVD copy modes available: Full Disc, Main Movie, Split, Customize, Customize Split, Clone, Merge and Write Data.
    2. Full Disc: All movies, menus and trailers, is copied to a DVD with just one click.
    3. Main Movie: Just copy the movie, with specific audio/subpicture.
    4. Split: Copy a DVD-9 onto two DVD-5 discs with 100% quality, and preserve original menus on both discs. Ideal for episodic/season DVD movies, TV series, etc.
    5. Customize: Personalize your DVDs! Want to make a DVD with only your favorite titles? How about cutting out those annoying commercials? Or selecting specific audio/subpicture? No problem! You can select just your favorite titles, specify the title playback order, with or without original menus, to create a DVD with only the stuff you want!
    6. Customize Split: Copy a DVD-9 onto two DVD-5 discs using "Customize" way. Ideal for episode/season DVD.
    7. Clone: Make perfect 1:1 bit-to-bit copy of DVDs:
      • Make perfect dual layer DVD copy by using the original layer break position.
      • Copy data DVD disc, like PS2 DVD.
    8. Merge: Combine several titles of several sources into one DVD:
      • Combine two DVD-9 like "The Lord of the Rings" into one DVD-9.
      • Merge season DVDs to fewer discs.
      • Create your own special features collection disc.
    9. Write Data: Burn existing DVD folder or ISO image file to DVD writer, or convert DVD folder to ISO image file.
    10. Burn to any blank DVD Disc (DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL).
    11. Constantly updated to support latest DVD burners and blank DVD discs.

    B. Benefits
    1. Compress DVD-9 to single DVD-5.
    2. Very fast copying speed, normally it's about 10 - 20 minutes.
    3. Backup scratched/dirty disc:
      • Even if some information (IFO) cannot be read, you can still copy Main Movie or Customize.
      • Recovery from DVD reading (VOB) error.
    4. Support both NTSC and PAL DVD.
    5. Preview title like real DVD player.

Minimum requirements: P4 or 1.4GHz processor, 256MB RAM, 5 GB's of free space, DVD Burner and media

It may be one of the higher priced options available but what you get is peace of mind when it comes to making a backup copy of your DVD collection. Believe me, there are tons of crappy apps out there which sometimes work but DVDFab is a true heavyweight and worth the investment.

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Download DVDFab here!


User Feedback on DVDFab

Mike Granger says: "Come on, really, it was that easy?" Didn't expect it, but really glad I went with it.

gearsforlife says: "Good options, what I was looking for."



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