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Copy PS2, Xbox, and PC games

Game Copy Software - What is it and what types of Copy Preventions are used?

The latest software for backing up games is now available for review. Note that some of these products are instructions followed with the software to use. The main thing to keep in mind while backing up games are to follow the steps in order since one misstep could result in burning a coaster. With that in mind here are the latest software bundles that can copy game discs.

NEW - Game Copy Wizard Review - How to Copy any game!

    Game Copy WizardNEW for 2012 - Game Copy Wizard 2.3

    Game Copy Wizard is the all around software and guide system that will allow you to backup game discs for the following platforms:

  • XBox 360 Games
  • PS3 Games
  • Wii Games
  • PC Games

This package has been a favorite among gamers since 2009. By offering the right methods for copying any type of game disc this software is a must if you are serious about making a correct backup the first time around.

    [ Buy Now ] [ $29.95 ] [ Win 7 Vista, XP, 2000, 98 ]

CloneCD - First copying software that uses RAW-Mode

    CloneCD is the original game copy utility that started it all for PC games. Still one of the best backup devices if you are looking to copy PC game discs. The latest edition of this software can also backup copy protected music CD's with DRM and can copy DVD movies with a 1:1 ration, or in other words a bit for bit copy of the disc. CloneCD bypasses all the latest game copy protection modes ensuring that you have a perfect copy.

    [More Info ] [ Buy Now ] [ $39 ]

BlindWrite 6 - Copy any Game Discs

    Blindwrite Suite like CloneCD has been around since the very beginning. What I like about BlindWrite is that you can copy a game disc and then have it mounted as a virtual drive, thus eliminating the need for a physical disc. How's that for game disc protection? Simply rip the game to your hard drive, mount it as a virtual disc and store the physical disc away for safekeeping.

    One plus with BlindWrite is their Internet Live Assistance service which can automatically show you what settings need to be enabled for the game you are trying to copy thus eliminating the need to know what parameters need to be set for a specific type of copy protection. All the hard work is done for you so you can sit back and know that your copy will be just like the original. You can also work with ISO and BIN files if you have that need.

    [Download Demo ] [More Info] [ $19.99 ]

If you want to backup a copy of your original CD-ROM games, here are some rules you should keep in mind:

  • You can legally make a personal backup copy of a game if it is the original game and you are the original owner of the game.
  • Check the printed material that comes with the game before making a personal backup copy, as there may be special stipulations associated with that particular game
  • You cannot rent, sell or give away backup copies of copyrighted games.
  • If you don't legally own the original game anymore, you must destroy any backup copies of that game.
  • BurnWorld is not responsible for any illegal activities or misuse of information provided on this site. BurnWorld is also not responsible for information or illegal activities connected to information provided by other sites linked to by this website.

Legalities in Game Copying

It is everyone's right to make a backup of something that you own, but does that give you the right to make copies and give them away to others? The obvious answer is 'No' since that breaks the end user license agreement for most digital products. The Digital Millennium Copyrighting Act allow users to make a personal copy of a digital device that they have purchased for backup purposes only. The information on this page does not allow you to use the software or products that aid in copyright infringement.

What Makes a Game Copy Software Good?

I believe that there are a few area of questions that need to be addressed before deciding on purchasing a software to copy your games. Here are a few generalities to think over when researching.

Ease of Use
Copying games is hard enough because of all of the technical details that are put onto the physical disc to prevent a casual user from making a backup. So it's important to look for a software that has all of the hard work done for you by either including instructions of the correct settings for specific games (Game Copy Wizard) or by including the necessary settings already embedded within the software (Blindwrite). Both of these software titles are easy to install and use, even for beginners.

Features Included
Game copy software should be able to copy games with easy but it's also important to look for additional features that round out the software. Virtual drive software will enable you to play a game without using the disc. Copy protection settings are also a plus which help aid in making a correct backup.

Protection Removal
Nearly all games have a form of copy protection build in so a quality software is one that can get around these protections so you can get to the game content. A good software will also have pre built in settings for specific types of protection schemes.

Help & Documentation
The need for good documentation is a must when it comes to game copy software, simply because of the different settings that need to be enabled for each specific disc. A good software will provide either a PDF or a website that lists detailed instructions on how to get around all types of copy protections.


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