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Copy Nintendo Wii Games

Looking for software to Copy your Wii Games?

Copying Wii games is not a standard feature of your regular DVD burning software. There are more steps involved and having the right information on how to do this is necessary. There is plenty of the necessary software to do this and this is not the easiest thing to do on your own. Our recommendation is to get a Wii Backup Guide that lists step-by-step instruction and gives you the right software to use the first time.

NEW - Game Copy Wizard - How to Copy your Wii games and mod your Wii

    Game Copy WizardNEW for 2012 - Game Copy Wizard 2.3

    Game Copy Wizard is probably the most complete Wii backup guide currently available online. With complete instructions on how to not only copy Wii games but also instructions for XBox and PS3. So 3 great copy guides in one guide. Sure you can find hit and miss info online that may work or info that is outdated. If you go with a guide like this you can be sure that the info is the most current for making copies of Wii games and if you run into trouble they have a great support section to get you through the more advanced sections if you need it.

    [ More Info ] [ Buy Now ] [ $29.95 ] [Win 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 32 & 64 Bit]

Wii HombreWork 4.1 POP - Play DVD's, Homebrew, Backup, and imported Wii games

HomebreWork is a package that give you everything you need to run Homebrew software on your Wii allowing you to play backed up Wii games that you have downloaded and burned to DVD-R. You can also play DVD movies on your Wii with this software.

The best part about using HomeBreWork is that you don't need to mod your Wii console or use a mod chip to play the game backups. No need to worry about damaging the console by taking it apart.

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
File Size:
License: $29.99
Hardware: Wii
Play Copies Wii Games


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Making a copy of a Wii game is really a simple task if you have the right software and homebrew packages installed. Much easier than backing up a Xbox 360 game or PS3 game. Wii discs can be burned to blank DVD-R discs and work just like the original. As long as your Wii is on your home network and you are using the Hombre software you can rip the disc contents to your PC and then use a free dvd burning software to burn to disc.

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