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LightScribe Software - Freeware & Shareware

Here is a list of current available LightScribe software titles. Some are free while others are bundled within a Media Burning Suite.

LightScribe Able DVD Software Bundles
Roxio - Easy Media Creator 9

Freeware LightScribe Software
For Windows XP and Windows Vista
For Mac OSX
For Linux

LightScribe Burner Specific Software
HP DVD640i DVD Burner

Checklist for Burning a Label to a LightScribe DVD:


  • 1st make sure you have LightScribe enabled Hardware. Look for this logo on the front of the burner:
  • 2nd Make sure you have LightScribe (LS) media. Again look for the logo. Another characteristic of a LS disc is the matte gold finish on the top of the discs.
  • Make sure you have software that supports LightScribe (see list above)
  • Most Important: Flip the disc! Yes the top of the disc must be face down for the laser to burn the image.

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