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Blu Ray Ripper for Mac Software Review

Rob Says:
Blu-Ray is great right? Having a Mac is great also, yes? Well I think so, and OS X is perfect for Blu-Ray and HD Video. We will be reviewing the best Blu Ray Ripping software for your Mac system as soon as each is released.
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Mac OSX DVD Ripper Software

Ripping Blu Ray Movies on the Mac is a new function.

Now, how many of you are using a USB or Firewire Blu Ray burner on your Mac? I know I am and glad to see that some software vendors realize that Mac users want our 1080p video whether Steve Jobs want to support it or not. So I am gathering up all the current Blu Ray software for Mac users and listing them here. Below are all of the current Blu Ray rippers that are supported for OSX. Be sure to bookmark this page since more and more titles will be coming soon.

BurnWorld's Top Pick - we actually use this on OS X !
Leawo Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac - Rip Blu Ray and Convert HD Video on Mac
Leawo Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac was the first to hit the scene with Blu Ray ripping for Mac OSX users. Fully supported on Mac OX Lion, now anyone with a Blu Ray drive and work with your HD video like a pro. This software will allow you to get the HD video contents off of your Blu Ray movies so you can then use it with Final Cut Pro or the software itself will convert it into other formats so you can view it on your iPad or iPod devices.
OS: OS X 10.5 and up
File Size: 10.2MB
License: $49.95
Hardware: Intel Processor, 256MB memory
Blu Ray Ripper for Mac OSX

Aiseesoft Blu Ray to iPad Ripper for Mac - Rip Blu Ray, DVD and convert video to iPad
Aiseesoft Blu-ray to iPad Ripper for Mac is a simple to use app that does one funtion and does it very well. If you have an iPad, iPod, or iPhone and a Blu Ray drive then this software is what you want to use to convert your HD Blu Ray video into mp4 format for full support on these Apple gadgets.
OS: OS X 10.5 and up
File Size: 10.2MB
Hardware: Intel Processor, 256MB memory

Buy Now ($30)

The Ultimate Mac DVD Toolkit

Mac DVD ToolkitDVD Converter Ultimate for Mac Save 50%

Specialy designed for Mac PowerPC and Intel Users, this tookit of DVD applications excel in DVD Ripping, Copying, Converting, and Creating. This set includes:

  • DVD Ripper for Mac
  • DVD Creator for Mac
  • DVD Copy for Mac
  • Video Converter for Mac

Buy Now for only $75 (Seperately $149)
30 Day 'It Works' Guarantee or Money Back

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