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Date added:

Sept 21, 2010

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Minimum requirements:

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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The CD Data Rescue™ program is designed to recover data from damaged or defective CD-ROMs ,CD-Rs and CD-RWs. CD Data rescue™ uses algorithms that allow to recover data that Windows cannot read. Also, with our exclusive OverRead™ techonology, even if it is impossible to read certain data, CD Data Rescue™ allows to recover the largest part of the file that can be recovered from the CD, while maintaining the internal file structure.

These are some situations where CD Data Rescue™ can help you to recover data:

After an error, the files cannot be accesed by Windows.
You need to recover deleted files.
The data can be read but it is corrupted.
· The CD has scratches.
· The CD has defects or flaws in the metal reflective surface.
· After a long time trying Windows is not able to read a file.
· After a apparently successfully recording it is impossible to read some files.
· After a "Quick Formatting" you need to recover files.

We have made a big effort to maintain the user interface very easy to use. CD Data Rescue user doesn't have to face with complex configurations or with complicated experts-only options. All program settings can be configured only by pressing a button.

The program has a powerful self-configuration procedure, the user only have to install it to start recovering. This software has been tested in a wide range of CD drives and CD recorders. CD Data Rescue™ can be executed in network computers. Also, there are no DLL files that are installed by this program in system folder.

CD Data Rescue™ does not require large amounts of memory, so you can use the computer normally while CD Data Rescue™ is working. However, it is strongly recommended that you do not use this program with other programs that access the same CD drive at the same time. Also, it is not recommended to work with important data while recovering.

CD Data Rescue™ is designed to operate under Windows 98, ME, XP, NT or 2000 with either IDE or SCSI drives and CD recorders.

CD Data Rescue™ requires a minimum of 32 Mb of RAM under Windows 98 / ME / XP and under Windows NT/2000 to work properly. It does not run under Windows 3.1 or Win32s.

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