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Publisher: Custom DataWorks
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File size: 6.9MB
License: $5.95
Minimum requirements: Windows 7, XP, Vista

picShow With Tunes Review.

Rob Boirun BurnWorld ReviewerBy
Lead Reviewer for BurnWorld
Nov 29, 2011

For anyone that wants to jazz up their digital photo library picShow With Tunes will give you that added flair while browsing your photo collection. This is not a DVD slideshow creator. This software is just a fancy way to view your digital photos from your digital camera, SD card, folders with pics, CD's or DVD's with pics, etc... Basically just load up your folder of choice on any of these media formats and your on your way. You can also play any tune that you wish in the background to give the slideshow extra umph. You can control what digital photos to show using the Start and End Date selector. This is useful for certain events such as a a birthday party. Below is a screenshot of the software that shows you what options are available.

picShow With Tunes

Make your own custom slideshow

If you are a good organizer of your digital photos then using this software will make those groups of photos more enjoyable to view. Simple load the folder you want add some background music and sit back and enjoy the slideshow.

Here is a quick video of this software in action:

This software is most useful if you just want a way to quickly create a slideshow for friends, family, or just yourself. Unfortumitaly you can't save the slideshows or burn them to a DVD but for only $5.95 it's definetely worth the few bucks to enjoy your photos in a more engaging manner.

Download this software and try it for yourself.

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