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Blu Ray Software - Overview of the best software for Blu Ray on Windows 7

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Feb 22, 2012

Blu Ray Video is quickly becoming the perfered video choice among home users. With Blu Ray players becoming more affordable and disc under $20 many are starting to ask what else can I do with my Blu-Ray disc. To answer that we have listed the best Blu Ray Software apps which can do anything from Copying, Converting HD Video, and Converting to other formats for portable playback. Feel free to choose the Blu Ray category you want to jump to to view all the software currently available. We strive to always list the most recent and up to date software in addition to the most popular. If you are not sure on what software would be best for you please view our Blu Ray Software Guides to help point you in the right direction.

Blu Ray Copy Software
3D Blu Ray Software

Most Popular Blu Ray Software Apps:

DVD Ranger 4 Category: Blu Ray Burners Current Rating:

Yes believe it or not a software called DVD-Ranger is one of the more popular Blu-Ray software titles for Windows users. The reason is that the latest version will now author Blu-Ray movies in addition to all of the other burning features that DVD-Ranger offers including:

  • DVD/Blu-Ray Copying
  • Author and Create Blu-Ray Movies from your existing videos
  • Convert any video file into other video formats
  • More...

Try out DVD-Ranger for yourself if you are looking for an all around Blu-Ray burning kit.

AnyDVD HD Category: Blu Ray Copy Software Current Rating:
AnyDVD HD Review

AnyDVD HD is a slick app that runs in the background on Windows 7, Vista, and XP machines. When a Blu-Ray or DVD disc is inserted, AnyDVD will scan the disc to see if it contains any copy protection, and if so it will do it's magic and remove this for you so you can freely use the video content on the disc. Another amazing feature of AnyDVD HD is "magic file replacement". Remaster any commercial movie disc using simple XML scripts. These scripts will "magically" replace the files on the physical disc. You can customize discs as you like without even making a copy to harddisk!

Software for Blu Ray Burning

If you are looking for simple Blu Ray Burning functionality you would want to use a basic Blu Ray burning software such as Xilisoft Blu Ray Creator or for more advanced features something like Roxio Creator. Both of these titles support all existing Blu Ray burners so you can backup your data to 25GB or 50GB BD-R discs. Using BD media you can store many more files to 1 physical disc, or if you are creating HD video you can backup the entire project to 1 disc instead of having to span over many DVD discs. See our video review below on what you can expect to get out of a Blu Ray burning software.

Software for Blu Ray Copying

Probably the most requested feature for a Blu Ray software is the ability to make a copy of a movie disc for archival or backup purposes. Pretty much all Blu Ray movies contain some form of copy protection such as AACS or BD+. Reasons for adding this should be obvious for most but nonetheless many are still looking to protect the initial investment by making a copy incase the disc gets scratched, damaged, or lost. There are a few high quality Blu Ray Copy apps currently available such as DVDFab and Blue-Cloner 2. Both of these titles can get around the copy protection on most discs and make a perfect copy. You can even opt to have just the movie duplicated, thus removing the additional content such as trailers and the bonus extras. See our video review on what we think about the best features you should look for in a Blu Ray Copying software.

Software for Blu Ray Ripping

Another common questions we get daily is how to convert Blu Ray movies to other formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, AVCHD, etc... The reason many want to do this is simple. You have a physical disc containing a movie and you want it in a digital format so you can watch in on your portable gadgets like an iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet device, or cell phone. By utilizing a Blu Ray Ripper you can easily to this. Take a look at our video below on how to use this software to convert Blu Ray to portable formats.

To learn more about the software used in this video please head over to our Cyberlink Media Suite review. If you have any additional software titles that you would like us to review let us know in the comments section below.

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