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August 1, 2012

Copying (BD) Blu-Ray Movies: Ever wondered How To Copy Blu Ray DVD Movies? The most asked questions we get are:

Is it possible to Copy a Blu Ray just like you would copy a DVD?
With new Blu Ray Copy Software coming to the market, yes it is almost as easy as copying a DVD. However the time it takes is obviously longer because of all the data a Blu Ray holds. My initial tests were around 1:30 to completely backup a blu ray. Disclaimer: For legal reasons I can't say that the software that I have reviewed will break Blu-Ray copy protection codes. It was put there by big companies so that they can protect their digital content that you purchased. Whether you should make a copy or a backup of something you purchased is debateable. That's why now these big companies want to offer you a 'fair' deal by charging you to utilize a digital streaming service called UltraViolet which is starting to show up on newer Blu Ray movies. So with that said feel free to browse the current Blu Ray copy apps that work.

What is needed to copy a Blu Ray disc?
The first gadget you need is a Blu-Ray Burner. It is possible to use a Blu-Ray Read Only drive but you would be copying a Blu-Ray to a DVD which is a different animal. Second you need blank BD-R or BD-RW discs in either the 25GB or 50GB variety. Finally you need a reliable Blu-Ray Copy Software for your PC, which we point out below.

Here are are best software picks for copying Blu Ray Movies.

BurnWorld's choice:
DVDFab BluRay Copy - Full Featured Blu Ray Backup
DVDFab Blu Ray Copy was first to the scene for backing up your Blu Ray movies. The engineers have put together a truly impressive tool here of getting Blu Ray content onto your Hard drive or onto a blank BD-R or BD-RW. One of the best features is the BD50 compression to BD25 which basically allows you to copy any size movies onto a lease expensive single later BD-R. This is more practical to do since dual layer Blu Ray blanks can range up to $20-$25.

Overall success rate is 96% of all Blu-Ray Movies tested. DVDFab is the only Blu-Ray Copy app to copy Avatar successfully which has the latest protection.
What it does:

- BD to BDR/RW
- BD Movie only option to fit onto 25GB BDR

DVDFab Blu Ray Copy

Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista

License: From $48

Leawo Blu Ray Copy - Funny name, reliable BD backups

Leawo is one of the more reliable makers of Blu Ray software I have found. There are plenty of so called Blu Ray copy apps that won't backup the majority of Blu Ray discs because of the constant updates that software vendors need to make to stay current. Leawo has a regular update schedule to keep your backups error free. Here is what you will find with this software:

  • Copy Blu-ray DVD movie to hard disk for backup
  • 1:1 Blu-ray disc to disc duplication
  • Create ISO image for your Blu-ray movie
  • Backup DVD-9, DVD-5 and CSS-DVD
  • High speed Blu-ray / DVD duplication
  • Personalize disc label
  • Automatic computer shutdown
  • No system delay or resource hogging
  • One-click operation, easy and fast

What it does:

- BD to BDR/RW
- Create ISO from BD or DVD
- Supportd DVD also

Leawo Blu Ray Copy

Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista

License: $55 with 30 day guarantee

Blue Cloner 3 - True Blu-Ray Disc to Disc Copy

Blue Cloner is one of the first true Blu-Ray Disc to Disc copy software on the market. With this software you can make complete copies or movie only copies of your Blu-Ray movie collection. Great for your Blu Ray disc investment. Use 25GB or 50GB BD-R, or 25GB BD-RW discs.

Legal Jib-Jab: Please notice the copywrite notice on your discs to be sure you have the right to copy the disc.

What it does:

- BD to BDR/RW
- BD Movie only option to fit onto 25GB BDR

Blue Cloner 2

Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista

License: $59.99

AnyDVD HD - Decrypt Blu ray Movies - Use if you already have Burning Software

AnyDVD HD is a utility tool that runs in the background of your PC and scans your Blu Ray drive whenever a disc is inserted. If you load a Blu Ray or DVD movie that has copy protection on it. AnyDVD HD will remove these protections so you can use the content on the disc the way you want to. Use this Blu Ray decrypter if you currently have Blu Ray software.

Another amazing feature of AnyDVD HD is "magic file replacement ". Remaster any commercial movie disc using simple XML scripts. These scripts will "magically" replace the files on the physical disc. You can customize discs as you like without even making a copy to hard disk!

OS: Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista

License: $79

Don't have a Blu Ray Burner? No problem copy Blu Ray to DVD discs instead.

Blu-ray to DVD Pro
The 1st software of it's kind to hit the scene. I know what your thinking here, "Won't shrinking a Blu Ray to a DVD degrade the quality?". Logic says that would be the case the new a new video format called AVCHD which is a container for Blu Ray video which compresses HD Video/Audio so it can fit onto a blank DVD. Then when these discs are played back on a standard Blu Ray Player or a PS3 or on your PC using player software you get the full 1080p resolution that was found on the original Blu Ray disc. Cool huh? I thought so and this software does that process for you. All you do is load the original Blu Ray movie and a blank DVD. Oh and hit the start button. Bam! Try it out. OS: Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista

License: $39.99

Blu Ray Copying is becoming more mainstream now that Blu Ray drives are more affordable and blank Blu Ray media is cost effective. New software tools allow you to make perfect backup if that is your intention. As noted above our favorites are DVDFab and Blue Cloner. AnyDVD HD is good if you are only looking to remove Blu Ray copy protection from the discs. The others already include this function. Please note that breaking the copy protection on Blu Ray movies is illegal in many countries, that may include fines. Please check your countries laws before removing any copy protection on copywrited media.

What features the best Blu Ray Software Titles All Have In Common

The main feature you should look for in a copy app is the ability to decrypt Blu Ray copy protection. The best titles on the market have this as part of the main software. Many titles can not include this for obvious reasons since the copy protection is put there for a reason. Due to where these software developers are in the world they can get away with having the decrypting features because there are not laws that forbid this but in the USA, Europe, Australia you are not to include this feature. Since DVDFAB and Blue Cloner are not in these countries they can add this to their offering. For full details on this technology visit a good resource that we found at the Reviewster Blu-Ray Copy reviews page.

Question: What programs currently exist for taking my Blu Ray movies and burning them to my Hard Drive on my Windows 7 computer?


First let me explain a few reasons why someone would want to rip a Blu Ray movie to their hard drives and explain a few benefits for doing this very thing. Personally I do this for the simple fact that I can watch HD movies on my laptop when I am on the go. Today most video playback software will support Blu Ray discs, however if you don't want to lug around the physical discs the option would be to rip and convert them to a smaller format still containing the HD video.

A few benefits for Backing up BD to HD (Hard Drive)

  • Protect the initial Blu Ray movie. No need to worry about damaging the disc, scratching it, or kids using it as a frisbee. You know this happens today because what did we used to do to our parents record collection huh?
  • Ripping and converting it to a more portable format. By converting the video you are drastically reducing the size of the video. Normal BD movies are on average 20gb to 30gb in size. Why use up all that space for HD video when you can reduce it to only 1 video file about 5gb in size.
  • Convert it so you can put it on your portable gadgets like the iPad, Xoom, etc..

Still have questions about Blu Ray Copy Software? Well that's what we're here for.

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