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Publisher: Roxio/Sonic Solutions
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File size: 98MB
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Minimum requirements: Windows 7 , Vista & XP
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Rob Boirun BurnWorld Reviewer

Product: Roxio Creator 2012
My Rating:4 Star Rating: Recommended
Reviewed By:
Review Date: 2011-08-30

"The original DVD burning suite just got bigger."

Roxio Creator 2012 is a multimedia management and burning tool. It allows creating and burning ISO images, but also other types, authoring and burning CDs, DVDs and BDs, and also back up different types of data. However, the Blu-Ray disc copy feature only works in the Pro version of the program. The program offers highly effective tools to prepare video, audio and data to be burned on any type of disc.

The application is also known as featuring do-it-yourself 3D creation capabilities for creating transcoding images and videos to anaglyph 3D.

The program is well known all over the world for being one of the best CD & DVD rippers, but features too many ways of doing the same thing. For example, there are two label creation programs included in this application. Why on Earth would you need two?

When selling the product, Roxio puts in the box a pair of throwback paper glasses and sells a plastic pair of anaglyph glasses (which does not work over your eyeglasses). As I told you earlier, this application is able to transcode 2D media to anaglyph 3D, RealD and Real 3D. Now you can view videos through polarized glasses. The transcoding works fantastically realistic and adds a depth of field to images and video that 3D fans will just fall in love with.

What's New in Creator 2012?

As with all upgrades to the Creator line of software from Roxio, 2012 adds new features that would make the upgrade worth it. Some noteable new features added to this years edition include:

  • Professional Video Effects - These are effects that you can add to your custom video creation making your personal video much more engaging. Now you can add nature video effects that include: fire, rainfall, snow, fog, fireworks, smoke, sparks, and the ever fun fairy dust. ( I can imagine this is a great effect for kid videos.) There are also new effects that will spice up your video with the look of an aged film, newsprint, visual harmonizer, or you can skew, destabilize, or add interference.

  • Capture any Online Video streaming feed - Like to watch online video on sites like YouTube or Viddler? Well instead of going to these video sites to watch the same video over and over, now you can download and capture any streaming video and save it to your PC or convert it and put it on your portable players/cell phones.

  • Hollywood style videos at home - Earlier versions of Creator allowed you to create stunning home movie DVDs and this years version adds to that capability by including the ability to personalize finished movies with either a standard menu or a high res menu giving that finishing touch a bit of flair by including an animated theme, background music, and 3D menus. Nice!

  • Convert & burn your TiVo content - Have a TiVo box? Is it full? Would you rather have your recorded shows on another device you own? Well Creator 2012 adds the ability to archive your TiVo content to DVD disc to help you free up your hard disk space. You can even remove the commercials from your recorded video before burning to DVD or converting to other formats for you iPod, iPad, Android Phone, etc...

Convert 2D Photos and Video to 3D

Converting 2D images and video to 3D is a simple process. There are the options of converting a single image, two images that are taken few lateral inches apart or any type of video. Just load the media type, click the Save button and you’re done, because the video is transcoded to 3D when importing. Customers can export files to any 3D format, including 3D to DVD and AVCHD.

Compared with the previous versions, the new one comes with small improvements. The backup engine has been re-worked on and is better than before because it is provided with a better workflow. The application offers now support for the open source .MKV media container format and features new project templates, improved social networking with a direct connection to Facebook and a DLNA-certified media server component for streaming content to other devices, directly from your PC.

The design and interface are user-friendly and offer clear instructions for the basic processes. It is easy to navigate to each section you wish using the titled tags placed in the left navigation bar. The application allows users to select tracks, folders and files and drag them directly into the software. Finding exactly what you wish on Roxio Creator 2011 is never going to be a problem.

This application supports many of the well-known media types in the world. Customers can easily rip and burn music CDs right from their computers. The program supports formats such as MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV. Roxio can also be used to transfer music to a portable device such as iPod, iPhone, PSP and others.


The program is not difficult to install, but it is a huge application and installing it takes a lot of time. Everybody knows how big and annoying Nero is to install. Well, think of Roxio Creator 2012 as being three times larger than Nero and try to figure out how annoying would that be. Furthermore, Roxio does not offer additional features to the one Nero offers, so the huge program does not really make sense.

It is easy to find support for this program on the internet. There is a built-in user guide coming with the application, but also a big and solid support through automated live chat. E-mail ticketing is also an option, but is only for registered users.

The application is overall a good one, though you will have to buy the Pro version in order for it to handle Blu-Ray processes.

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