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Tunebite 8

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Dec 17, 2010

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$39.90 - Platinum

Minimum requirements:

Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista

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30 day money back guarantee

Review of TuneBite 8:

Tunebite is the best way to free music, audio books and videos from copy protection and convert them into the file formats you need. Since 2004, Tunebite 7 has been the most-frequently mentioned and often-awarded solution in international computer magazines for legally solving DRM copy-protection problems. With additional support for 100 audio and video file formats, Tunebite is a convenient and comprehensive universal converter for all of your digital entertainment needs. An audio-stream and webvideo recorder is also on board.


The proven champion for solving problems
Active globally since 2004, Audials Tunebite comes to the rescue where ever there are problems with file formats for music, audiobooks, videos, flash-clips and even movie files. Audials Tunebite reliably solves your file format problems with the double quality guarantee for converting audio and video files. Furthermore, Audials Tunebite is unbeatable as a web recorder, recording all the music and movies found online. It should then come as no surprise that Audials Tunebite is the most recommended software by trade publications on the planet.

The best legal solution for removing copy protection
If music, audiobooks, videos and HD films cannot be played on your device due to copy protection, then Audials Tunebite is what you’re looking for. Problem files are played quickly and simultaneously re-recorded as a legal private copy in the highest quality.

Audials Tunebite lets you purchase your entertainment via discount shops and subscriptions, even if your playback device cannot play the file in the current file format due to DRM copy protection. Audials Tunebite converts everything for you in the highest quality and reliably takes care of such problems for you.

The multimedia all-rounder at a bargain price
The numerous features that Audials Tunebite has, makes it quite handy and contributes to its global success in the process. The creators of Audials Tunebite have provided many functions and settings for you in order to make it easier for users and Audials Tunebite alike to quickly and automatically complete every task. This includes ensuring that file formats for converting files are already allocated to the most popular portable devices. You do not have to be a computer wiz to optimally use Audials Tunebite. You will have no problem finding the manufacturer of your multimedia player or cell phone. The rest is a piece of cake.

The #1 solution for audio is now also the grandmaster of DVD
Audials Tunebite frees music files from copy protection by re-recording them at the highest possible quality level to create completely legal, unprotected copies. Brought to a state of perfection through years of development and customer feedback, Audials’ innovative re-recording technology has now been extended and enhanced to work with video files. As a result, Audials is able to create a completely legal, unprotected, high-quality copy of any DVD-based movie.

Record films and videos in the Internet
With Audials Tunebite, you can record the latest blockbusters and classic movies in HD from free movie sites, portals with RTMP-E flash videos and from online movie stores as well. Audials Tunebite then saves the files in every possible format.

Lots of extras without paying extra
Everything is included in Audials Tunebite and every function available is included in the platinum edition. If you use products from other manufacturers, changing your demands or playback devices over time means you have to buy additional products. But with Audials Tunebite you get the software that is right for you, right way. And you can save time and money in the process to boot.

Record everything that you can hear on the web and as separate music files
Audials Tunebite is also a Universal Recorder that rips Music, records Videos and captures Movies from hundreds of Internet sites including YouTube™, Hulu™ or Netflix™.  Audials Tunebite will automatically record everything you hear and save the song onto your computer. Audials Tunebite will also gather and adds ID3 tags, album cover art and song lyrics to your new files. Whatever you´re listening to or watching on the internet: Audials Tunebite will record it and convert it to your favorite file format.

What makes Audials Tunebite better than its competitors?
As the market leader, Audials Tunebite offers you the innovations today that its competitors won’t develop until tomorrow. The Audials Tunebite team searches daily for challenges it will need to solve in the days to come.

With the many pre-configured device profiles and the more than 100 file formats available, you will receive a solution to all your file format problems with music, audiobooks, video clips and movies in one piece of software. Media, with and without copy protection, will be optimally adjusted to the performance capabilities of your PC in order to ensure the highest audio and video quality. It is simply a legit universal converter, but still has even more to offer.

Universal Converter:

Music, audiobooks, videos for PC, cell phones, iPods. Audials Tunebite does it all.
Need more than 100 file formats?
Audials Tunebite has them all. Audio and video. With or without DRM copy protection. For your PC, the entertainment center in your living room, your car’s CD player, your cell phone or your Apple iPod, Audials Tunebite easily converts your entertainment in the right format without sacrificing any quality.

Since 2004, Audials Tunebite has been named the best universal converter and program for removing copy protection legally several times over!

A word about the technology
27 virtual soundcards provide high speed digital dubbing of legal re-recordings of copy protected songs at 54 times the speed. A virtual CD burner takes care of audiobooks quickly. Several audio recordings and partial recordings in several steps ensure that films are of the highest quality when re-recording them and converting DRM copy protected media. Got it?

Good thing that the Audials Tunebite engineers know what they are doing and do not have to overwhelm you with it. Audials Tunebite takes care of it for you.

A word about the quality
In order to maintain our standard of quality for music, audiobooks, videos and films, Audials Tunebite has innovative features that no other software has. Converting files while sacrificing quality is not in our M.O. Therefore, there is a promise of quality with PerfectAudio and a perfected process, which only allows for the very best results. It also informs you of problems encountered during the conversion process and offers tips for support.

Is the PC a problem? Audials Tunebite has the solution for HD movies and videos
In order to legally remove copy protection from films via re-recording, films must be photographed frame by frame during playback. The higher the definition of the film (e.g. HD), the greater your PC’s operational capabilities have to be. Such a process quickly pushes affordable PCs to their limits. But even here, Audials Tunebite has a solution that no other software can provide.

Every device – every file format
MP3 players, PSP, cell phones, MP4 players, PDAs, multimedia players, Windows Media Player or the PC Media Center – several devices in numerous file formats. With the Audials Tunebite Platinum format converter, you can reliably convert music, audiobooks, video clips and HD films in digital quality, e.g. H.264, AVC or one of the hundred other file formats in Audials Tunebite. The highest possible user friendliness and the simplest operation of the program are guaranteed via pre-configured formats for many device types. You do not need to know all the technical details of your device, you just simply need to select your device.

Individual profiles to optimize settings
The Audials Tunebite file converter allows you to select individual settings to adjust videos to the capabilities and resolution of your portable playback device before converting the files. This enables you to use lower end devices to play back videos and significantly reduces file size, which frees up more space to optimize your entertainment on your portable device.

Many settings are pre-configured in Audials Tunebite and there is no need to be an expert to be able to convert files optimally. But no fear experts; Audials Tunebite offers you individual options for the highest demands.

At a glance: universal converter functions in Audials Tunebite

  • Automatically convert all the audio and video files in the desired video format
  • Supports all the significant video formats (WMV, MP4, AVI, H.264, 3GP)
  • High quality MP4 video converter (H.264 advanced video codec)
  • More than 100 audio and video playback formats in the profiles included
  • Supports every device (PC, cell phone, smartphones, iPods, iPhones, Xbox, PS3, PSP)
  • Editor to create your own profile
  • Removes audio DRM copy by re-recording files at 54 times the speed
  • PerfectAudio: guarantees perfect quality by removing audio DRM via repeated re-recordings
  • Includes virtual CD burner to efficiently re-record copy protected audiobooks
  • Remove video DRM via re-recording
  • PerfectVideo: repeated recordings & quality measuring guarantee the highest quality
  • Removes DRM from HD videos obtained from online movie stores (720p HD) on standard PCs

Universal Recorder:
Record films, music videos, fun clips and social radio stations
Entertainment from YouTube™, MTV™, Imeem™, Last.fm™, Hulu™ or online movie stores

The universal recorder for all your entertainment
With Audials Tunebite you can record all your videos and films in HD automatically as you visit a website and it lets you save your files in a file format of your choice doing it all while you surf.

With Audials Tunebite, you’ll never have to miss out on another new release from online movie stores or a free classic film from film portals like Hulu.com or Movies.MSN.com after watching it. The screen recorder also lets you record flash videos in RTMP-E format and then save them in file formats for your PC or portable playback device.

Recording from the internet is all the rage!

With social radio websites such as Pandora™ or Last.fm™, you can create your own radio station and with using Audials Tunebite you can record this music and save each song onto your computer and in your desired file format.

This works with any website, such as MySpace™ Music, and also any streaming music application. It´s easy: no matter how you listen to music, Audials Tunebite can record and save your songs onto your computer and in your favorite file format. But that’s not all.

Audials Tunebite also rounds out your files with ID3 tags, adds the album cover and even locates lyrics for every song. That’s what you get when recording your favorite songs from a social radio station with Audials Tunebite!

Flash films and videos in RTMP-E format
The screen recorder lets you record flash videos you’ve watched with your browser from every portal in RTMP-E format automatically and reliably in the highest possible quality. Only Audials Tunebite lets you automatically convert your recordings of RTMP-E flash films to all the popular file formats for your use right after recording them.

With the universal recorder, Audials Tunebite gives you lots of options for recording files in the right format for your home and on the go entertainment.

Record movies from online movie stores
In the past, you’d have to go to the movie store to rent and watch a VHS movie or a DVD. Today, that can all be done from the comfort of your home online. At online movie stores, you can either rent movies per Video-on-demand (VoD) you want to see or purchase them for an additional fee.

Audials Tunebite lets you to record movies from online movie stores while you watch them, allowing you to enjoy them again and again. You’ll always have your favorite films at your fingertips and you’ll get maximum value and entertainment from your rental fees.

The organizer helps you keep your music collection in order
Even for music collections Audials Tunebite leaves nothing to be desired. ID3 tags and album covers are added automatically and finding song lyrics for every song are all part of the basic features. But that’s not all the organizer can do. You can easily organize your collection using a myriad of criteria and personal preferences and navigate between albums and song titles in the process.

Even when it comes to extras and user convenience Audials Tunebite is top of the charts
Audials Tunebite provides you with a player for music and videos, which can be augmented by other playback software, such as Winamp, Apple iTunes™ or Windows Media Player, just by simply using your mouse. With Audials Tunebite, you can transfer your music, audiobooks and videos comfortably to portable devices, e.g. MP3 players, USB sticks, Apple iPods or cell phones, hooked up to your PC. The ringtone editor creates a customized ringtone for your cell phone in just 3 steps. Audials Tunebite also lets you simultaneously burn several CDs as audio CDs, MP3 CDs or MP3 DVDs.

At a glance: universal recorder functions in Audials Tunebite

  • Record all the MP3s, as well as other audio files, that can be played using your web browser
  • Record every social radio stations
  • List all the MP3 download links that appear in websites
  • Record all the videos that can be viewed with your browser at the network layer
  • Record RTMP-E videos via direct screenshots as well
  • Integrated player to display and play all your recorded songs and podcasts
  • Transfer music with 1 click to iTunes™, Winamp™, Windows Media Player™
  • Synchronize MP3 players, cell phones and USB devices easily
  • Burn audio CDs, MP3 CDs, MP3 DVDs. Burn to several CDs in one step
  • Ringtone editor for individual ringtones, transfer to cell phone via a cable or Internet
  • Music manager: display your music collection by artist, genre, file type
  • Easy to use tag editor
  • Add your own pre-existing music to the music manager
  • Search the Internet by tags, covers and lyrics for your own music
  • Automatically round out large groups of your own music files with tags / add lyrics
  • Flexible, rule-based reorganization of your music collection’s file types on the hard drive
  • Flexibly import music from external sources and automatic, rule-based reorganization
  • Define your own settings for storing music and reorganization

Audio and video input and output formats for the universal converter
Audio input formats
WMA (DRM copy-protected)
M4B (DRM copy-protected)
M4P (DRM copy-protected)
OGG (Vorbis)
AIFF (Apple)
AC3 (Dolby Digital)
AU (Sun Microsystems)
Audio output formats
OGG (Vorbis)
Customizable audio output profiles
Video input formats
WMV (DRM copy-protected)
M4V (DRM copy-protected)
WMV (wmv7 / wmv9)
M4V MP4 (mpeg 4)
MPEG MPG (mpeg 1 + 2)
MOV (Quick time)
FLV (Flash Video)
DV (Digital Video)
Video output formats
WMV (wmv7 / wmv9)
MP4 (mpeg 4)
Customizable video output profiles

System requirements:

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP at least SP2
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB hard drive space
  • 1 GB RAM
  • DSL internet access

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Tunebite Platinum Tunebite Premium

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