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Tested by , Lead Product Reviewer for BurnWorld
Test Date (updated) : July 21, 2012
Software Tested: DVD Next Copy, 1Click DVD Copy, 123 Copy DVD, DVD Cloner 9

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Ok, in 2012 DVD Copying is as old school as Napster. However, Napster is now defunct but there are still scores of copying software still available and many are still being updated. If you are one of the few people that still haven't thought about making a dup of your favorite movie, or if you are in need of an upgraded DVD Copy app then this review will point you in the right direction. In this review I take a look at 1Click DVD Copy, DVD Cloner, and 123 Copy DVD. 1Click and Cloner were first to the scene was back in 2003 and they are clearly the industry leaders when it comes to this type of software. If you want simple one click, no hassle backups go with either of the two.

1Click DVD Copy - Our Winner for Best DVD Copy Software

1Click DVD Copy - Best DVD Software

Our Rating: 5 out of 5

Supports: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Requires at least 1 DVD Burner. Recommended: 2 DVD Drives for on the fly Reading / Burning.

Bottom Line
The top-rated DVD copying software is 1 Click DVD Copy. This software offers literally what its name implies – high-quality back ups with a single click. It also includes "proprietary LG1X technology" to ensure perfect video transcoding, the ability to choose whether to copy the entire disc or just the movie, and "On-the-Fly" copying – backing up an entire disc in 15 minutes or less (it is recommended to use two disc player/burners for this feature.) Working against this software is that it does not copy Blu-Ray, has no conversion feature to switch formats, and does not support 3D technology.
  • 1 Click ease of DVD backups (No brainer mode)
  • .The ability to choose a movie only copy or to copy the entire contents
  • On-The-Fly copying - backup an entire disc under 15 minutes
  • Does not support Blu Ray Burning or Copying
  • Does not convert Video to other formats
  • Does not support 3D

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Other DVD Copy Apps Reviewed

Best DVD Copying Software for 2012The second most highly rated program among our staff is DVD NeXt Copy – NeXt Tech Edition. NeXt Tech has a technology unique to the market. As encryption software evolves so quickly, it is difficult to keep up and be able to continue copying. NeXt Tech uses the automatically updated codecs in DVD viewing software to find the way to copy a newer disc, then takes advantage of the up-to-date decryption. This handy feature builds a user database with the decryption codes for individual movies for the use of other customers as well.

Overall: (5 of 5)

Download | Buy Now ($44.99)

Next on our list of copying software is DVD-Cloner 9, the newest update in the long-running and popular Cloner series. It offers a simple 1-click procedure, technology that ensures any DVD can be copied, and limited Blu-Ray support. It has the capacity to make single layer copies, or shrink dual-layer to single layer discs. This program is known for its frequent updates and success in keeping up with new encryption technologies. It is also quick as well as simple: click a button, and in 30 minutes you have your copy!

Overall: (4 of 5)

Download | Buy Now ($59.99)

Number four on our list of highly-rated DVD copiers is 123 Copy DVD. This software's primary claim to fame is the basic version's lower price – half of what most of these programs cost. While it is effective on most encryption schemes, it s updates are infrequent, and customer service is not the most reliable. 123 Copy offers three different levels of functionality and features. The newest platinum version earned the raves of Burnworld reviewers, who report that it now works perfectly with DVD, Blu-Ray, and video burning, and is "the best in the business."

Overall: (3 of 5)


Finally, Burnworld chose DVDFab DVD Copy as their #5 top copy software. It offers standard features such as the choice between copying just the movie or the whole disc, the ability to change quality settings, and to convert to mobile video format. It also provides frequent updates to address changing encryption software.

We also have a review chart for DVD Copying software for you to compare side-by-side.

The Best In DVD Copying Software - The Features to Look For

When it comes down to choosing a DVD Copying software make sure you look for it's best features which I would label as:

  • DVD Copying Speed (does the software utilize your burners full potential)
  • Video Conversion Speed ( After the dvd is decrypted it needs to be re-authored, so does the software utilize a good encoding engine) Hint: 1Click DVD Copy has the best on the market.
  • Company updates ( Does the vendor keep the software upadated with the latest DVD copy protections?) Again, 1Click DVD Copy has a good update system in place.
  • Can the software copy protected DVD movies or will it only backup unencrypted discs? We have posted a more in-depth article about copying protected DVD's because of the confusion that many have about this topic.

DVD copying was once the best way to collect or back up treasured movies. Internet speeds have increased to the point that digital storage is the most widely used method of storing media, but that hasn't cooled the desire of some collectors to have their favorites on DVD. Accordingly, DVD copying software remains on the market, and many manufacturers continue to update their software to address the latest changes in DVD technology.

If you are one of those cautious collectors who prefer to have a physical disc in your hand rather than rely on downloads, you haven't yet backed up your DVD collection, or if you are simply looking for an upgrade of your old DVD copying application, you can find information about a few of the best programs below. Some of these were the first DVD copy programs back in the early 2000's, and remain the standard for this kind of application. Most offer easy, single-click back ups and copies with no hassles to make copying quick and painless.

Before focusing on particular software, it is important to choose the features you need to be able to create the highest quality copies that suit your particular purpose. For example, the program needs to have an effective, up-to-date CSS (Content Scrambling System) decrypter. CSS is the method utilized to encrypt the data on a DVD to prevent copying. If you want to duplicate your DVD's for back-up, your software must have this feature to break the original copy's encryption.

The best programs can also shrink a DVD to a single-layer disc, as most standard DVD players are unable to play double-layer discs. Finally, it's best to choose a program originating from a company that offers regular updates. Encryption technology changes frequently and it's better to have software that keeps up with those changes than have to buy new copying software. After testing many DVD copying programs available on the market, the following are the best we at Burnworld found.

Making personal backups of DVDs is a controversial topic that is still being tested in the courts. No copy-protection mechanisms were circumvented during our testing, even with software that include a 'ripper', and BurnWorld does not encourage or condone the illegal copying of commercial DVDs.

All DVD Copy Software titles were tested on the following machine:

CPU:  AMD Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47GHz 
Motherboard: AOpen AK77-333 with BIOS R1.16
DVD Drives : Sony DRU 510A 4x DVD+/- Burner, Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1502
Memory: 256MB PNY PC2100 DDR
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS 
Hard Drive: 30GB Maxtor ATA 100 7200RPM 
Network Card: Netgear FA311 10/100 NIC
Operating System: Windows XP SP1 - VIA 4in1 v4.43

* - To keep out of legal trouble, most DVD Copy Software apps do not contain a DVD Ripper or DeCSS. CSS is a copy protection mechinism that is found on almost all DVD movies and the only way to back them up is to use a Ripper or DeCSS. However there are freeware rippers available and you find them easily online. The best to use with most of the titles above is DVD43Free.

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