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DVDFab Passkey for Blu-Ray
Blu Ray Decrypter plugin

Publisher: FengTao Software
Date updated:
File size: 1.9MB
License: From $60.00 US$/€
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Minimum requirements: Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista
Uninstaller included?: Yes

Review of DVDFab Passkey for Blu-Ray:


Product: DVDFab Passkey for Blu-Ray
My Rating:4 Star Rating: Recommended
Reviewed By: Rob Boirun "The easiest way to access encrypted content on a Blu Ray movie!"
Review Date: Apr 2, 2012

Hardware used: Plextor PX-810UF DVD Burner | LaCie D2 Blu Ray Burner

Video on How to Use DVDFab and it's Features.

One of the Best:
Passkey for Blu-ray is the most powerful Blu-Ray decrypter on the market for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit platforms. This software will handle any copy protections and region codes found on today's Blu-Ray movies.
Passkey for Blu-ray is a plugin utility that runs in the background so you are free to use other compatible software to access any Blu-ray content, to copy, clone, burn, etc. And you have absolute freedom to view Blu-ray without any region playback issues.

Passkey for Blu-ray uses a server based system for decryption, and new decryption data will always be added on the server. No need to worry about new or updated Blu-ray protections.

Why we like DVDFab Passkey:
Passkey for Blu-ray will remove all known AACS and BD+ copy protections, Region Code, BD-Live, UOPs, MKB V20 and newest MKB V21 for Blu-ray.

Tons of Features:

Make your playback software multi-region Passkey for Blu-ray has the ability to let you change region setting of popular Blu-ray players with a single click.

It makes your playback software essentially "region free" or more accurately "multi-region". Enjoy any Blu-ray with no third party's help Passkey for Blu-ray lets you enjoy any Blu-ray without HDCP-compliant graphics card and without HDCP-compliant display.

Use compatible software to access unprotected Blu-ray You are allowed to use software compatible with Passkey for Blu-ray to access unprotected Blu-ray content for copy, clone, burning, etc. And Passkey for Blu-ray has been tested to work with (not limited within): ? DVDFab Blu-ray Copy ? DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper ? DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter ? PowerDVD 7/8/9/10 ? TotalMedia Theatre 3 ? WinDVD 8/9/2010 ? Roxio CineplayerBD 5 ? Roxio 2010 with I/O Mode set to ĎAdvancedí under the General tab ? ImgBurn

Passkey for Blu-Ray is the current front runner in Blu Ray Decryption. Because of their constant updates this app is highly recommended if you need to unprotect your Blu-Ray content.

Current DVDFAB Coupon Codes: See site for vendor coupons

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User Feedback on DVDFab Passkey

Al McCormick says: "Perfect for allowing me to watch my USA Blu Ray discs while I'm stationed in Germany for the next year'.

Susan Meade says: "I like the constant updates Thanks."



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