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ATP DVD Artist
Create DVD's from your Photos & Videos

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Review of ATP DVD Artist

Anyone can make a professional looking Movies & Photo Slideshow DVD's with ATP DVD Artist using your exising digital photos and videos. This software was released in Jan 2009 and we were excited to have a look at this because of the 100's of digital photos we had from over the Christmas break. Really it was a welcome title to review because it was so useful.

The starter screen is straighforward and to the point. Simply enter your project name and click Create. Change the aspect ratio if you wish but the default setting are optimal for wide screen tv's.

Now you can simply add your pictures or videos. You can also set your DVD Menu background here, change the title, and add or remove chapters. For my project I added a bunch of digital photos from my recent trip to NYC. Note: that so far there have been only 2 steps, create the project and load my photos. Now the fun begins, to create the DVD. Simply click Create DVD and load a blank DVD. The end result is your digital photos on a playable DVD that you can share with your friends and family.

You can also create a playable DVD from your existing Video you already have on your PC. Now you have something to do with all that captured camcorder video. The steps are the same as above, but instead of loading your pics you simply choose your video files instead. Once you finalize the project the software takes over and converts everything into the standard DVD format so it can be burned correctly and playback from a set top DVD player will work.

Final Analysis:
ATP DVD Artist is a welcome choice for those that are looking for a quick and easy to use software that can create simple digital photo slideshow DVD's and basic DVD's from your existing videos.

Product Description:
ATP DVD Artist is a slick and powerful all-in-one solution to turning your digital camera videos into professional quality DVDs. DVD Artist has a simple and self-intuitive user interface. Most available options can be found on the main program screen; practically the entire project configuration is done automatically to achieve the best video/audio quality of your DVDs.


  • Design a colorful DVD Menu in your favorite style with a few mouse clicks
  • Move video clips from one chapter to another with a simple drag-and-drop operation
  • Merge your video clips into one contiguous, gap-free, DVD-compatible video
  • Insert chapter markers and connect them to a DVD menu
  • Insert additional Next/Previous markers the way you like
  • Preview single video clips, chapters, or an entire DVD
  • Create NTSC or PAL, full screen (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) DVD projects
  • Write output files to DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW or DVD+R DL media
  • Write multiple copies of DVD discs if desired
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