DVD Ripper Platinum
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DVD Ripper Platinum
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Publisher: Wondershare Software
Date added:
File size: 6.9MB
License: $39
Minimum requirements: Windows 7, XP, Vista
Uninstaller included?: Yes

Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum Review


Wondershare has entered the DVD Ripping business with their latest offering of DVD Ripper Platinum. A newer ripper to the market but with old school and new school features. Wondershare has included all of the necessary tools you would expect to find in a DVD Ripper product such as the ability to crop and adjust the video settings. Also they have included the ability to take the ripped video content and convert it into other formats such as MP4 for your iPods, iPads, and iPhones, AVI for standard video playback, WMV for your Windows Movie player, MOV for your Mac's, 3GP for your cell phones, and other formats you may need.

Create your own DVD movie library on your home network by ripping all of your movies onto a central hard drive so you can access the movies from a home theatre or from another device or pc on your network. The ability to rip video will allow you to make a backup so you can store the DVD discs away thus preserving the contents from getting damaged or lost.

Wondershare has done a good job by including the ability to take advantage of Dual Core and Quad Core CPU's by utilizing the full range of the processor or to limit it if you need to do other tasks on your PC while the Ripper is running in the background.

Another useful tool found in DVD Ripper Platinum is the ability to split and merge video files, thus allowing you to create your own blend of DVD movies to your liking. Want Star Wars 1-6 all in one file? Well so do I, this software will allow that so you can watch the entire series without stopping. That is if you can handle not going to the bathroom for 12 hours. :)


Wondershare has done a good job with DVD Ripper Platinum and I feel safe recommending it to my readers if you are in need of a tool such as this.

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